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タイトルRe: 持込んだ車の廃棄方を知りたい
投稿日: 2019/04/03(Wed) 16:19

> MM2Hで持込んだ車が修理不可(修理費が高額)なので廃棄しようと思います。
> 廃棄に至る手順をどなたか教えて頂けませんでしょうか。
> 次いでMM2Hとそれ用の定期預金の解約手順も何方かご指導お願い致します。



deregister in JPJ,and then sell the vehicle to any scrap metal shop

Same procedure as wrecked car.


Cancellation of a vehicle’s registration is a process where a vehicle’s registration is voided and any transaction for the cancelled vehicle is blocked, while destroyed is defined as a vehicle that is to be scrapped in any manner.

Application Requirements:

Application can be made by the vehicle’s registered owner or person’s with the authority (for company owned cars).
Applications can be done at any RTD State Office/Branch that carries out vehicle registration transactions.
Vehicle status record is valid.
Not blacklisted by RTD or PDRM.
There is no ownership claim.
Owner has paid the refund or cancelled the valid LKM.
The Tour/Trade Vehicle License has been cancelled (for trade vehicles); and
There is no Import License(AP) or Custom caveat.

Required Documents:

A copy of Form JPJ K1C signed by the registered owner.
Original identification document for verification.
Original Vehicle Registration Certificate (JPJK2). If JPJK2 is no available, a declaration mus be made using Form JPJK1C(pind.1/2009).
Form JPJ K6 for LKM refund

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