シーラ・マジッド Sheila Majid

Born in 3 Jan, 1965, as youngest of 8 brothers & sisters in Kuala Lumpur

1982 Called by a producer to do demo, who was impressed by her when he saw her singing for friend's birthday party,

1983年ファースト・アルバム「Dimensi Baru」が完成。引き受けてくれるレコード・レーベルがなかなか見つからなかったが、1985年に発売されるやヒット・チャートに踊りだし、一躍スターダムに。

1983 Completed first album. But no record label was willing to release it. But as soon as it was rellesed in 1985 finally, it went to gold and put Sheila into stardom...


Vol. 1 シーラ・マジッド(Sheila Majid)

「JalanJalan スペシャル・インタビュー」。なんとJalanJalanがマレーシアの有名人にインタビューしてしまうというとんでもなく野心的な企画なのだ。そんなことしてほんとに大丈夫なのだろーか。
"JalanJalan Special Interview"...What? Jalan Jalan will interview Malaysian celebrities?
Yes! And the first interview is with Sheila Majid, "ratu" of Malaysian pops!

1985年にファースト・アルバム「Dimensi Baru」をリリースしてから、都会派ポップスで常にマレーシアの歌謡界をリードして来たシーラ。
Sheila made her debut in 1985, with her first album "Dimensi Baru'. Since then, she has been leading Malaysian music scene with her urban pops.
JalanJalan "stormed" her house cum office and had interviewe with Sheila more than 1 hour very happily. With her lovely children
 joining in, it came to an end with big laughter.

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How she became a singer

JalanJalan : We start with very basic question... Why did you want to become a singer?

Sheia : Actually I never really planned to become a singer. I've got into this business by accident, in fact. But I was already exposed to music at a very young age. I started to learn piano form the age of 4, and I enjoy music. I'm the youngest in family of 8, so all my brothers and sisters used to buy all types of music, all kinds of records. I listened to everything but developed my interest in R&B music and Motown sounds. And As I grew up, I used to sing a lot, in a bathroom, in a car, everywhere, sometimes playing the piano and sing. But I never thought that I was going to make a career out of it.
And at the age of 17, just before I finished high school, I was singing at friend's party and a producer heard me, and told me, "why don't you come to the studio and do a demo and see how you sound in the studio".... and I went.. and the rest is history.

Sheila :
Sheila : In fact my late father was very worried about me, because being the youngest, being a girl, being in this immoral business, in those days, of the entertainment industry, it's not really stable thing, he thought. But I managed to persuade him to let me try to do this demo because I wasn't doing any thing at that time, I was waiting for my exam result. So I said "let me just try and we will go from there". And I did my first album, and thank God, it got quite good response, and after that it was from there we went on an on, and I just went on singing. I enjoy it tremendously 'cause I love to sing.

JalanJalan : How did you persuade you father?

Sheila : My father was an academic man and for him education is something really really important and that is definitely base of your future. But I was very serious what I do, and I managed to show him, yes I can earn living with this carrier and my intentions to do music was not to have glamorous life or to live sensational life. People perceive it as sensational and glamorous, but being in it yourself is a lot of hard work, especially in this region. And there are also a lot of disadvantages. This is not America or Japan, where there is recognized music market in the world, and I must say that deep interest I have in music, in singing keeps me going.

JalanJalan :
JalanJalan : But you didn't worry about yourself or your future?

Sheila : No! I just wanted to sing and it paid me. Great!
In fact when you do something you really like, you have deep interest in something you really like, nobody has to force you to work harder. Nobody has to force you to try and progress. It's not like going to school. I hated the school, because I wasn't interested in academic work. Everyday someone was telling me. "Do your homework, read your books, wake up early, sleep early, go to school,..." But when you like doing something, you do it with passion, nobody has to force you to improve yourself. You just want to do it yourself. How do you want to do your shows, how do you want to market yourself, what type of music do you want to do, what suits you... And you go from there.


アルバム albums

Dimensi Baru (1985)
Emosi (1986)
The Best of Sheila Majid vol. 1 (1987)
Warna (1988)
Lagenda (1990)
Gemilang (1993)
The Best of Sheila Majid Vol. 2
Wanita (1995/Japan)
Ratu (1996)
Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi (1997/Indonesia)
Ku Mohon (1999)
Sheila Majid 15 (2001)



1987 BASF Award (Indonesia) for Best Selling Album in Indonesia
1989 Star Search (U.S.A.) For Best Female Singer
RTM Best T.V. Performer
1996 AIM's Award for Best Vocal Performance in a group together with Nora and Johan
Nawawi ("Jentayu").
AIM's International Award Anugerah Kembara
1997 AIM's Award for Best Vocal Performance - Female ("Ratu")
AIM's Award for Best Vocal Performance in a Group ( "Bersatu Hati" )
(R.A.P. 96) with Liza and Azlina Aziz
AIM's Award for Best Album - Pop ( "Ratu")
2000 AIM's Best Pop Album (Producer) ("Ku Mohon" ) together with Mac Chew & Jenny Chin
AIM's Song of the Year ("Ku Mohon")


Being a singer

JalanJalan: Just now you told us being a singer looks very glamorous from outside, but it's very hard inside. So what do you think good point and bad point of being a singer?

: いいことっていうのは、私はステージに出るのが好きということ。歌うのも好き。自分自身を表現して歌にこめられたメッセージで人に触れることが好き。そして私のファンが私と一緒に歌っている顔を見るのが好き。ショーが完璧になるように大変なリハーサルをこなした後、幕が上がり、ファンに会ったときの満足感。その時の気分は表現できないわ。
Sheila : The good thing is I like going on stage. I like to sing. I like to express myself and touch people with whatever message I have with that song. I like to see the faces of my fans singing along with me. That is a satisfaction when you gone through all the hard rehearsal to make sure that your show is polished and when you actually perform and finally you get to meet your fans. The feeling is just indescribable lah...
There are so many disadvantages in fact. In anything that you do, if you don't put your heart and soul to it, you are already at the losing end. Whether it's in the music industry or whatever that you do.

JalanJalan : You have never felt nervous on stage?

Sheila : Yes, I do. I still feel nervous till today. The bigger the show, the more nervous I become. But I have learnt to deal with it. I don't know about others but there is not one show that I have performed, that I'm not nervous before going on stage. Some people say that is a good sign. It shows that I want to do well. When I go on stage I want to do 100% because I know people pay to come and watch me. And I don't like disappoint my fans.

JalanJalan : You said you like to go on stage, but how about recording in studio?

Sheila :I like it too. I like singing. When recording in studio, I feel less pressure because there is no one watching. And you can do the same over and over again until you get it right. You record a song, and do the backing vocals and so on and everything is blended together, and you listen to it, it's like "Wow, did I do that?"

JalanJalan : What is biggest mistake you have made while you have been a singer.

Sheila : If we talk about experience on stage, just one of experience during my younger days, it's quite an embarrassing moment actually. I was singing on stage for a Sultan's birthday, and I remember wearing very high heels and thinking I was the most beautiful girl. And suddenly my heel got stuck. It was not a big stage and what they did for stage is they put blocks of wood and just stick it together. There're crack line at there the blocks are joined by them and they didn't tape it.
There I was singing and felt my heel got stuck. I tried to get my foot out of crack, in front of Sultan..., and oh my God, it didn't come out. It was really stuck in that hole. But I had to finish that song. So I continued to sing....just on that one spot. I couldn't move. I couldn't take my foot out of the shoe.
At the end of the show, finally I had to take my foot out of the shoe, and grabbed shoe out of the hole, and "Sorry, your royal highness, my shoe is stuck in the hole.." I had to tell... I wished hole would open up and swallow me then!
After that till now, I make sure whenever going on stage, when I do rehearsal or sound check, I always check on those little details. And if there's any crack or hole that is not taped, I'll make sure someone tapes it up. (laugh)




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